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Halloween is just around the corner, but there’s enough time left to whip together a costume. From scary to punny to cliché – there are many routes to take this Halloween. We, of course, have turned to art for our inspiration. With the help of Natural Earth Paint’s non-toxic face paint, we’ve created three artist-inspired looks for you to try this holiday!

Seriously, without any bias, Natural Earth Paint makes the best face paint I’ve ever used. I am no face paint aficionado, but this stuff is seriously awesome. The colors are saturated and opaque, no streaks or irregularities in color. They blend easily together and feel perfectly natural atop skin – even around the most sensitive parts, like the eyes. I even used the Red and Purple on my lips, without any trouble at all. The Paint is made from fair trade organic shea butter and the pigments are free of preservatives, toxins and petroleum-based products.


Artist inspo: Frida Kahlo

Difficulty level: Easy


This Frida Kahlo makeup look is very simple – and even more recognizable. Using Natural Earth Paint’s Brown – or your favorite eyebrow pencil – for the eyebrows, lightly join them together for a classic Frida unibrow. I used my finger for the whole face, cleaning up the edges with Q-tips. The conjoined brows should be lighter in the middle and darker above the eyes and at the arch. If you have naturally thin eyebrows, thicken them up to make a statement. Create a light mustache with any excess Brown on your finger. Using Red – or your favorite true red lipstick – saturate the lips. Keep them matte, avoiding gloss or shine. Frida had big, intense eyes, but wore minimal makeup. To mirror her look while strengthening your own, a thin line of black eyeliner and coat of mascara will do. Embellish any up-do with flowers and your look will be unmistakable!

Frida Halloween Look 2 ecohabitude



Artist inspo: Roy Lichtenstein

Difficulty level: Moderate


While this look appears to be complicated, it is truly a matter of patience with the large number of simple dots and lines. To begin, find a pencil, pen, chopstick, etc – that will serve as a guide for the dots. I used the end of a thin makeup brush. Using whatever you have chosen, dip it in Red and apply linearly on the face. Re-dipping when needed, evenly coat your face in tiny dots. Before outlining face structure, lightly draw yourself a guide for the tears – which you’ll fill in using Blue and White towards the end. Then, using a thin paint or makeup brush (there is one that comes with the Natural Face Paint Kit), begin to map out the 2-D effect black lines in Black. These outlines should highlight the eyebrows, nose, lips, cheekbones, eyes and chin, as seen in the photos. I also chose to outline the whole face, directly in front of the hairline. The eyebrows themselves must be filled in black, not just outlined. Be sure to angle the beginning of each brow up, as if to appear in a distressed expression. When the outlining is complete, you are almost done with the look. Fill in the tears (Blue) and lips (Red). Paint a smidge of White onto both the lips and eyes, to create a “glistening” effect.


Roy Lichtenstein halloween look 2 ecohabitude 2
halloween look ecohabitude

Roy Lichtenstein halloween look 2 ecohabitude


Artist inspo: Pablo Picasso

Difficulty level: Challenging


While I anticipated this to be easy, the inherent abstraction of the look makes all of the “steps” into “choices.” What I mean by that is, you may want your Picasso painting Halloween costume to be the spitting image of Girl Before Mirror or you may want to simply pick up some Picasso elements and take it from there. The trickiest part of this look – other than making this first choice – is allowing the paint (especially on the eyelids) to dry before you move around too much or continue painting. Alternatively, you may want a friend to help you – I painted one eyelid with my other eye closed!

The first step is the dividing line in the middle of the face. The black profile-like silhouette should be drawn at a slight diagonal. The purpose of this is so the profile of the eye (drawn on eyelid) and profile of lips are aligned, as your other eye and lips do. Drawing the profile of an eye can be quite difficult. I recommend searching the web for an image of a person’s profile and trying to mimic the basic shapes. However – it is Picasso, so have fun! The great thing about Natural Earth Paint is that it’s incredible easy to take off with a little soap and water, so if you mess up a few times that is OK. The lips should be from the same perspective, but are a tad easier to draw that the eyes. From a profile view, they are almost like a sideways heart. Outline the profile lips – and be sure to paint your real lips a different color than the profile. For the forward facing eye – also in a different color than the profile – looking at an image for reference is also helpful. Make sure to draw the eye as big as your eyelid can fit – the wackier the better. And of course, don’t forget eyelashes. In addition to outlining the face shape, similarly to the Lichtenstein look, abstract shapes should fill up the rest of the face. These shapes can be vague, abstract, discreet – and are completely up to the artist. Every Picasso is different ☺  



halloween look picasso 3

picasso 2 look halloween ecohabitude




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