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Consciousness doesn’t grow on trees. Planting a tree is a great start, but it’s not enough: To make sure you’re living a sustainable and eco-friendly life, you need to look more closely at your daily habits. We’re not just talking about recycling (you’re already doing that, right?) — we’re talking about a shift in consumer habits for you, your little ones and your home. Here are five good examples from around the world that will get you inspired, and help you shop guilt-free.





Kidchen Co.

Husband-and-wife duo Mike and Kelly Collier are the geniuses behind this mini-kitchen company, which offers complete, handmade kitchen sets for your little future chefs. All products are eco-friendly and made with maple plywood and nontoxic paint. It’s okay if the kiddos chew the oven.



Mistura Canada

As proven by Mistura Canada, often the simplest materials make the most beautiful products. Renewable woods, leathers, and other natural materials anchor the brand’s vivid, handmade accessories, from watches to wallets to sunglasses.




Perro de Mundo

Fido needs a new collar (his current one doesn’t quite bring out his eyes). As a caring parent, you’re more than happy to oblige. But do it the smart way: Go to Perro de Mundo, where everything from beds and collars to hand-knit sweaters,  is eco-friendly and made in Mexico.


Tel Aviv

Hava and Adam

Hava and Adam

Here you’re shopping for knowledge, not stuff: Hava and Adam is a multidisciplinary center for social and environmental education in Modi’in — the first and oldest sustainability- focused educational center in Israel. Through its many activities, events, tutorials and projects, you’ll grasp the importance of sustainability and ecological self-sufficiency.




This may be a design store, but it’s also heaven on earth for wood that must have been very, very good in its lifetime. At Kabinett, even the most rudimentary objects have elevated touches: Handmade sunglasses with wooden frames and bicycles made of 80+ year-old hardwood are just a couple of the marvels you’ll find here.


Ronco Biellese



High-quality wool and textiles make up Anna Nuvoloni’s clean, unfussy accessories for men and women, including jewelry, scarves, lapel pins and pocket squares. A skilled and detail-oriented craftsman, Nuvoluni started Ylleanna by combining her first name with the Swedish word ylle for “wool.”





Economist-turned-skin care guru Marina Vasmatzis wanted to focus on the essential things

in life. The result was Vama, her line of natural, handmade and small-batch skin care

products. Made from nature-based ingredients like green tea, jasmine, black pepper,

cinnamon and honeycomb, they’ll give your face and body — and Earth — some TLC.



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