An Autumn Inspired Eco-Friendly Wedding

Wedding v June 16, 2016

For those of you who are in full autumn wedding planning mode, your deadline is coming up fast. At the beginning of the year, it may have seemed like time was infinite and that the big day would never get here. Well, it’s almost here. Let the panic sink in. The little details are all that are left…hopefully. Not to worry soon-to-be brides! We have a list of items that you may have overlooked in your planning whether you are at the end of it or just getting started. Autumn is a beautiful time to be married and there are so many options when it comes to designing your wedding day – whether it’s finalizing the color scheme, the type of paper the program should be on, or if you still haven’t found the dress yet. Let us inspire you with these natural, charming, and eco-friendly wedding ideas. 

A Symphony of Color

If you haven’t already, we should address the elephant in the room: your wedding color scheme. Although it is not the main part of the wedding, it is what you will be basing most of your decorations, clothing, and other essentials around. Time to get that out of the way if you haven’t already. The changing of the leaves colors during fall creates the perfect color palette to base your wedding colors off of. Pumpkin oranges, amber yellows, and rust color reds are only some of the gorgeous colors to incorporate in your color scheme. Don’t forget the jewel tones; deep plums, emerald greens, and sapphire blue which are some brilliant options as well. Pops of these ripened shades of autumn in the bouquets, boutonnieres, dresses, and table décor really bring the feeling of fall into the ceremony.


Falling in Love with Nature

Wedding Place Cards, 3 by THE MAGIC ONIONS

Wedding Place Cards, 3 by THE MAGIC ONIONS

When it comes to the decor, you can count on Mother Nature for inspiration. Not only do you have an ultra pretty color palette to work with, you also have what the season has to offer in terms of fall elements like: wood, leaves, flowers, and seasonal produce (figs, pumpkins, berries, etc). Arrange together in a skillful way and BAM!; you have the perfect autumn centerpiece.

I’m a sucker for string lights. They are a sophisticated inexpensive way to light up the reception at night so your guest can dance the night away. Another option is to light up the night with a grand chandelier that can be placed in your new home that you two newlyweds have together. 

Consider drying flower petals to throw as confetti for when you make your grand exit. They’re eco-friendly and the image of flower petals slowly dancing down to the ground as you make your way through the crowd just screams fall. 

A beautiful backdrop for the ceremony would be a wall of paper garlands with the words of famous love stories written on them. *Swoon* But seriously, they are a great way to decorate your ceremony alter space or even home space. These multi-functioning garlands are reusable which is a keyword that any person who is planning their wedding loves to hear. Especially when they are dropping serious cash on decorations. 

Fall means it’s going to get chilly and you can never count on Mother Nature to be accommodating when your big day comes around. If the wedding is outside, we can’t have grandma getting cold during the ceremony. Keep a stack of soft, warm blankets on hand so your guests can cuddle up to watch you take your vows.

Love is Sweet

Hot Chocolate on a Stick by INDIGO JONES EATS

Hot Chocolate on a Stick by INDIGO JONES EATS

What better way to celebrate the sweet sweet love of two people than snacking on something delicious? The crisp autumn air calls for warm beverages and having on hand tasty treats that pair perfectly. Have a hot chocolate/coffee bar at the ready to warm up your guests and let them chow down on a plethora of tasty baked goods. 

Saying Yes to the Dress

 Nightshade Eco Gown by JANAY A

Nightshade Eco Gown by JANAY A

Think about your big day. All of your family and friends are present, your groom is at the front waiting for you, the orchestra begins to play the song you will walk down the aisle to, and you are wearing….what? What do you picture your perfect wedding dress to look like? The choices are endless and overwhelming. Keep it simple and pretty with a flowy gown that has sleeves or keep a chic cover up on hand so you won’t get a chill from the autumn evening air. Have your bridesmaids dress in fall shades so that you pop against the burnt oranges, apple reds, or emerald greens. For accessories, look to nature for inspiration. Using flowers designs, animals shapes, and wooden pieces in your accessories will help tie together your outfit. The elements of fall are found not only around you but on you. For the fellas, dress them up in wool or tweed suits that are neutral colors like beige or grey. Incorporate the fall color palette as only a pop of color in their bow-ties, lapel pins, or shoes. 



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