7 Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Use Turmeric

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Variety’s the very spice of life that gives it all it’s flavor. In this case, variety comes in the form of turmeric. Turmeric is a root that is found in the warm climates of South Asia. Used for health benefits, beauty regimens, and as an ingredient in most Indian and Indonesian dishes; turmeric’s uses are endless. Here are some reasons why we love turmeric and why you should start using this root to enhance not only your food, but also your way of life. 


The Au Natural Glow

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening kits can cost you an arm and a leg. Look no further than the natural remedy turmeric to whiten your teeth and save you both extremities. Although turmeric is known for its staining power, it is used commonly in make-it-yourself toothpastes. The key is not to leave the paste on your enamel too long so that it won’t create a discoloration.  

Scalp Treatment

Try combing turmeric with olive oil and massaging it on your scalp. It can help get rid of dandruff and eczema – leaving your scalp feeling so fresh and so clean.

Skin Bronzer

The beauty secrets of using turmeric don’t stop there; turmeric is GREAT for your skin. Try sprinkling turmeric in your foundation or soap; it can give you a natural looking glow and save you a trip to the cancer causing tanning beds.

Skin Mask

Turmeric provides your skin with a healthy glow and is known to clear up acne, rosacea and dark circles.

Turmeric Face Mask 


1 tsp of turmeric

1 tsp of raw organic honey

1 tsp of milk


  1. Put turmeric in bowl
  2. Add honey and milk (adjust the amount of milk to make the paste more less thick. Make sure it’s thick enough to stick to your face)
  3. Wash face with water and remove all makeup (be sure to wear an old t-shirt incase it is stained by the turmeric)
  4. Apply to face and let sit for 3 min
  5. Wash off thoroughly

lye soap with turmeric

Juniper Gardens*: Orange Grapefruit Cold Pressed Lye Soap



Arboretum Skincare*: Antioxidant Mask


The Cure In Our Spice Rack

All-in-One Medicine

Next time you start to have heartburn or a stomachache go to your spice cabinet and bust out the turmeric. The root has been used for centuries by medicine men to cure a plethora of ailments. From liver problems to swimmers ear, turmeric was the go-to Advil for that time. With time, many of turmeric’s healing property claims have been backed with medical research. We know for a fact that turmeric is a great au natural option to fight inflammation and are jam packed with antioxidants. This can help if you’ve sprained your ankle (create a paste with one part salt and two parts turmeric and enough water to make it spreadable), or to ease your achy arthritis, and even ward off heart attacks. This is due to the compound within turmeric called curcumin. Curcumin’s healing powers are being tested currently to see if used daily could it prevent the spread of cancer and minimize the effects of Alzheimer’s. 

*Useful tip: The fountain of youth may be located within your spice pantry. The Japanese have the longest average life span and they accredit this to drinking turmeric tea daily. This tea also helps with inflammation of the sinus, throat, ears and stomach. Here’s to your health!

Turmeric Tea  


1 tsp of turmeric

4 cups boiling water


Boil water. Add 1 tsp of ground turmeric. Allow to simmer for 10 minutes, then strain. Add ginger and/or honey for taste.



The Kitchen Imp*: Turmeric, Organic


ginger turmeric drink blend

Bija Bhar*: Resilience Blend


The Spice of Life


Turmeric, like it’s root cousin ginger, tastes very different when it is fresh than when it is dried into a powder form. When it is fresh, the taste of turmeric is earthy, bitter, a little citrusy, and gives a slight mouth numbing sensation like you would experience when eating a hot pepper. What I’m saying is that turmeric takes your taste buds on an epic journey.

Add Some Color

Turmeric is one of the healthiest ways to add color and flavor to your meal. Try putting turmeric in curries, stir fry and if you’re really daring, in a cake! Some even like to dash turmeric over rice or kick up the flavor of their pickled veggies in canning.

*Useful tip: Turmeric’s in the raw will easily stain. Be careful when cutting it up in your kitchen or using in your bathroom because it stain your things yellow. You can get the stain out with lemon juice. BUT, if you do wish to use the staining power of turmeric, use it as dye for tie-dyed tees or Easter eggs.


pickles with turmeric

Pernicious Pickling*: Bread & Butter Pickles- Sweet Mustard







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