5 Ways to Revolutionize Your Winter Skin Care Routine

Beauty v December 4, 2015

Telltale signs that your skin is experiencing the winter chill can be pretty evident if it’s dry, tight, itchy and even cracked. The transition from heated-indoor temperatures to the windy-chill of the outdoors can also wreak havoc on your skin. You’ll probably notice that your usual skin care routine simply isn’t working for you. That’s why it’s time to move the summer hydrating mists and sprays to the back of the cabinet and upgrade your skincare routine with effective dual-action intensive products that will help you to maintain your radiant skin.

For simplicity and effectiveness coconut oil remains a staple ingredient for many of us, and for good reason. Apart from its natural antifungal and antibacterial properties, making it a fantastic cleanser for make-up removal, it is also an excellent moisturizer; deeply penetrating the skin much deeper than some other oils.  It’s during the winter months, that coconut oil readily comes to mind – and if you don’t already know about it, where have you been? Naturally rich in saturated fats, coconut oil works with the skin to maintain its moisture content. It reaches deep under the surface layers of the skin to enhance and even skin tone without congesting pores. In addition, coconut oil is also packed with vitamin E, which is essential for healthy skin regeneration. So let’s take a look at 5 uses of coconut oil that could revolutionize your usual routine and give your skin some serious TLC this winter.

1. Keep it 100% – Go Organic

Organic coconut oil does not contain water or synthetic ingredients like sulfates that will dry-out your skin. In fact, the purer your coconut oil is, the more effective and gentler it will be on your skin. And because of its antibacterial and anti-viral properties it will help protect cracked skin from harboring germs.


2. Upgrade Your Moisturizer

Cracked heels and chapped lips are the usual culprits of dehydration. Naturally, you’ll want to drink lots of water and herbal teas! But the dual action of coconut oil and its potent level of vitamin E will quickly relive these symptoms within days, a plus for anyone transitioning between different temperatures or traveling.


3. Prevent nail snags and painfully damaged cuticles

Cracked cuticles can be incredibly annoying and, in some cases, painful for long periods of time. To get rid of them, simply apply coconut oil balm right at the base of the nails to soothe the dry skin. It will strengthen the skin tissue and replace natural oils lost caused by excessive washing of hands, especially during flu season.


4. Tis the Season to Exfoliate – so get scrubbing!

Generally, scrubs help to remove the dead skin cells and clean deep into clogged pores. By massing the skin, as you’re scrubbing it, you’ll increase your blood circulation and help renew skin cells. Though salt scrubs are generally more abrasive, thanks to the sharper edges, they are ideal hard-skin areas like elbows and knees. Sugar scrubs, on the other hand, are gentler, and more suitable for sensitive skin or skin prone to irritations. Coconut oil based scrubs can do all of the above, while nourishing the skin – so you aren’t left with dry itchy skin or redness from over-exfoliation. Coconut oil-based scrubs are also a great way to reveal your gorgeous legs during the winter, on those occasions when you’re daring the cold, of course!


5. Moisturize as you sleep

Using coconut oil on your feet, hands and lips before you go to sleep should already be a part of your skincare routine. It’s best to moisturize before you go to bed, allowing the oil to work overnight. This is one of the simplest, yet most effective routines that will provide you with smooth skin and a radiant expression by the morning!


Keep in mind that skin issues vary from person to person. The basis of any routine is going to be knowing what will alleviate the impact of hormones, diet, temperature changes and even stress on your skin. For example, ask yourself, are you traveling over the holidays and need a routine that allows you to transition from the airport, to a new climate and back again without breaking-out or dying-out? Winter doesn’t have to be your skin’s worse nightmare. In summary, listen to your skin and begin your winter routine by understanding what ‘regularly’ works for you and how you can improve on it with simple but effective coconut oil.




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