3 Simple Ways to Warm Up Your Home for Fall

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Fall is finally here! Well, maybe for you folks in states that actually have seasons. Here in Texas it’s still a warm 95 degrees. But, despite the fact that I’m still wearing tank tops and shorts, I love prepping for fall and turning my home into a cozy space.  What is it about fall that makes us want to cuddle up in a knit blanket while a sandalwood and amber candle slowly burns down? No need to redecorate your whole house. Here are some tips for warming your home for fall, along with some essential pieces that are sure to bring the autumn season to life.

1. Blankets and Chill

You’re going to need a comfy, soft blanket for those crisp autumn mornings or the dark chilly nights. A good throw blanket is essential for any living room to look like a cozy place to curl up. Keep a stash of them in a basket under the coffee table in your living room or toss one over the back of your arm chair. Easy and effortless; look for blankets with textures like soft wool, knit, faux fur, or cotton flannel. Warm, rich colors like browns, burnt oranges and deep reds are great fall colors. In addition to wrapping yourself in fall, make sure you have some plushy pillows to fall back on. It is a super fast way to update the look of your furniture and let’s face it….you can never have to many pillows. Try using heavier fabrics that bring a rustic tone to your sofa. If burlap is not your thing, try a change of pace with printed pillows. You can sit among the foliage but on your couch with prints of trees on your pillow. Feel free to get creative with your pillow arrangement by mixing and matching different sizes/textures.



Meridian Jacobs: Hand Woven Blankets



Cranberry Moon Farm: Woven Wool Blankets


woodland pillow tangle wood kuchi kuuKuchi Kuu: Woodland Collection, Tanglewood


bison throw

Little Turtle’s Tipi: Faux Fur Bison Throw


2. Candles Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Cinnamon, spice and everything nice. These are some of the ingredients to form the perfect fall candle. For it to feel like fall you need to activate all of your senses, and the most important, in my opinion, is smell. Pumpkin spice, citrus, cloves, and cinnamon sticks are all smells that remind me of fall. Earthy rich aromas also bring nature indoors. My candle addiction is in full swing during fall. Filling your home with these delicious smells is sure to give you those warm fuzzy feelings. So don’t feel bad if you indulge in two or ten candles. Trust me, you can never have enough. 

Pumpkin Souffle Natural Soy Candle BY ANDALOO

Andaloo: Pumpkin Souffle Natural Soy Candle


Cowboy Breakfast BY WILD WELL SUPPLY

 Wild Well Supply: Cowboy Breakfast


Teakwood spice 8oz candle BY TYPE.LITES

 Type.Lites: Teakwood Spice 8 oz. Candle


Holiday Soy Candle In Silver Glass Bowl - Pick Your Scent BY ANDALOO 

Andaloo: Holiday Soy Candle In Silver Glass Bowl



3. Here’s Acorn-y Pun

My living room becomes a small pumpkin patch when I start decorating for fall. Mini pumpkins are scattered everywhere. To bring that je ne sais quoi to your home so that it doesn’t look like an unkempt nursery, look for containers to place these natural elements inside. Harvest things from outside (acorns, leaves, moss, pine cones, and tree branches) to fill wooden or glass bowls, jars, and vases. It’s all about the details. Another detail you shouldn’t over look is a well-crafted drinking mug. How else can you start your day than downing a cup of joe? Drinking from a mug that has a funny saying on it always puts me in a good mood. If sassy sayings on your cups aren’t your thing, try a beautifully painted mug. Either way, you can’t go wrong drinking in your fill of fall.

Wine barrel stave serving basket (free shipping) BY BARREL-ART

Barrel-Art:Wine Barrel Stave Serving BasketEco-friendly recycled glass 15 inch large bowl made in Spain BY CUCHIORGANICS

Cuchiorganics: Eco-friendly recycled glass 15 inch large bowl made in Spain


mug and spoon

Milk & Honey Luxuries: Mug and Spoon set. Coffee Ring statement Mug. “But First, Coffee”. Hand stamped spoon


Ceramic Mug, Turquoise BY THROWING SHOP

Throwing Shop: Ceramic Mug, Turquoise



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